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Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School is a great place to be! Get involved in a club! Cardinal Mooney offers a plethora of diverse opportunities through a variety of co-curricular activities to explore, get involved, and develop leadership skills. Through activities from sports to clubs at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School, students have the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the global world around them.

The Student Government Association at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School is committed to the development of the whole student inside and outside the classroom spiritually, academically, athletically, and socially. Take a look at the many opportunities to get involved in your school community!

Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School Retreats/Themes

In keeping with its commitment to help enhance the spiritual life of the Cardinal Mooney community, we will offer the following retreats during the school year. These retreats provide an opportunity to explore ones relationship with God, others and self.

Course Information

Freshmen Class Retreat
Theme: Who are you in Christ?

Sophomore Class Retreat
Theme: The Power of Trust and Faith in God

Junior Class Retreat
Theme: Faith Action and Reaction

Senior Class Retreat
Theme: Faith Reality Check

Community Service Program

Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School Community Service Program
In support of the Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School mission, we emphasize service as a way to help students come to an awareness of their responsibilities to the local and global community. Volunteering in the community helps the common good of all and through service to others, students demonstrate character, respect for self and others, integrity, and compassion. Responding to those in need is foundational to living Gospel Values.
“For I was hungry…and you…?”
“To teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ” and “To create a community where service is valued and celebrated” are essential components of Cardinal Mooney’s Mission.

In the Gospels, Jesus makes it very clear that reaching out to the poor and those counted as “less” in society are crucial elements of the Gospel. Through His own life giving death and resurrection, Jesus witnessed to the centrality of giving. Jesus made it clear that we, His followers, must do the same.

Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School is committed to creating an environment where service to the poor and disenfranchised is valued and integrated into the daily life of all. The Community Service Program is meant to expose people to the varied needs of others and to discover ways we can serve. Cardinal Mooney requires every student to complete at least 100 hours of service during their four years at Cardinal Mooney.

Course Information
Types of service include fundraisers, walk-a-thons, parish and community service projects, and hours completed for Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School through service clubs. Service must be done through pre-approved not-for-profit service agencies, hospitals, nursing homes, or religious faith communities.
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