Academics at Cardinal Mooney

Cardinal Mooney’s rigorous college preparatory curriculum is designed to prepare our students for admission to higher education. The curriculum is intended to challenge students to grow academically to reach their full potential. In addition to the college preparatory classes, Cardinal Mooney also offers an Honors and Advanced Placement course sequence. Students are initially placed in courses based upon the High School Placement Test and their middle school academic performance.

St. Leo University and the University of South Florida have partnered with Cardinal Mooney to offer duel enrollment courses.

Cardinal Mooney is proud to offer four year programs in music, art and drama. All students are required to take one course in the arts and students who desire more intensive course offerings, may take a full four year arts program in addition to their college preparatory requirements.

Graduation Requirements by Department


Each student at Cardinal Mooney has the opportunity to earn 7 credits per year. Students must have a minimum of 24 credits for graduation and may earn as many as 28 credits during the typical four year sequence.