Upcoming Events & Reunions

Homecoming Weekend 2022
October 21-23

Fish Fry catered by Walt’s Fish Market and Football Game at Cardinal Mooney High School.

Classes Planning Reunions

Class of 1962 
Contact: Nick Carbone – [email protected]

Class of 1982
Contacts:  Lisa Carlton [email protected] ; Scott Scheuer [email protected]

Class of 1987
Contact: Nikki Kochis  [email protected]

Class of 1992
Contacts: Jennifer Dunbar Hansen [email protected], Marya Morusiewicz Rowan [email protected]

Class of 2002

Contact: Stasha Foley Johnston

[email protected] 

All Alumni Campus Breakfast

Please know that ALL alumni (whether reunion year or not) are invited to a complimentary breakfast on Sunday, October 23 at 10;30 am. The breakfast will be held in the Gail Baird Learning Center. Registration is available at:

Fish Fry – Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School: Sarasota Private School (cmhs-sarasota.org)

50th Class Reunion
October 7-8

Class of 1972 will be celebrating its 50 Reunion on the weekend of October 7-8. There will be a campus tour held on Saturday, October 8 at 11 am.
Contact John Nicholas at [email protected]

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