Athletic Hall of Fame

On Saturday, December 4, 2021 we will hold our 4th Hall of Fame Induction Dinner at the Sara Bay Country Club. Our Hall of Fame recognizes the special athletic contributions of athletes, coaches and others who have contributed to our programs. An alumni selection committee reviews all nominations. The Monsignor Gerard M. Finegan Service Award is awarded to one person each induction year for contributions off the field/courts of play. To nominate a candidate for our Hall of Fame, please fill out the form below or nominate online at (go to the Alumni drop down). All nominations are due by September 15, 2021. Category: Athlete - nominee must have graduated at least 10 years Coach - any coach with 7 years of service at CMHS and 15 years coaching experience The Monsignor Gerard M. Finegan Service Award - an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the interscholastic athletic programs at CMHS other than a coach or a player
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