Guidance Information

9th Grade:

Transition and Adjustment:

  • Counselors visit all classrooms to present the services available to students through the Guidance Department.
  • Counselors visit individually with students discuss transition issues.

Study Skills:

  • Counselors visit freshmen English classes to discuss individual learning styles and study strategies.
  • Counselors meet with referred students individually to problem solve, and to explore study skill techniques which can be used to improve performance.

Test Preparation and Administration:

  • Students take the PLAN in October.
  • Counselors meet with students to discuss results and how their interest translates to career possibilities.

Academic Course Selection and Planning:

  • Counselors meet with students to discuss career/college goals and plan academic courses accordingly.
  • Counselors visit classrooms to discuss future coursework and review students’ credits and graduation requirements.

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10th Grade:

Career Exploration

This is encouraged through the PSAT administration in October and individual meeting with Counselors as student plan their junior schedules.

Test Preparation and Administration

Students prepare for PSAT in October

Summer Programs

Students are encouraged to take advantage of summer programs offered through various colleges and organizations.  This experience helps students prepare for college work, while living on a college campus.  Programs vary in cost and credits can be earned toward college.

College Search Awareness

Students are encouraged to take advantage of website searches for colleges.  Through the internet students can access colleges through majors, costs, locations, etc.

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11th Grade:

  • Career exploration
  • Begin college visitations
  • Meet with college representatives who visit Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School
  • PSAT administered to all juniors on school test day,
  • Learn about summer enrichment/leadership programs
  • Attend spring college/career fairs

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12th Grade:

Much of the senior year is spent assessing the student’s interests and talents with the outcome focused on post-secondary options.  With 99% of Cardinal Mooney students enrolling in college immediately following graduation, significant weight is placed on the college application timeline, as well as the financial aid and scholarship search.  While there may not be a “perfect” college for every student, we place a great deal of emphasis on options and finding the best fit for each student.  With more than 4,000 college and universities that students have to choose from, it is important that students and families become familiar with the necessary steps needed for each particular college.  The counselors at Cardinal Mooney are available for consultation regarding the college search and application process and work carefully throughout the first semester with each student to assist students in completing their college search and applications along with the English Department.

What does the admission committee look for in prospective student applicants?

Admission counselors look at a number of factors when considering a candidate for admission. Courses and grades in high school are most important.  Colleges will consider the diversity and the difficulty in the high school program.  Achieving good grades in Honor’s and Advanced Placement classes suggests that a student is ready for college level work.  More selective colleges will be looking for a more demanding academic program.  Keep in mind that admission committees are familiar with the profile of most high schools and will also consider this as a factor in the admission decision.

Standardized tests are usually taken late in the junior year and/or early in the senior year of high school.  Students are encouraged to take both the SAT with writing and the ACT at least one time.  Registration information for these tests can be found online (preferred).  The importance of test scores will vary from college to college.  Most colleges still require the results of standardized tests.  However there are colleges that have initiated a testing “opt-out” option.  While test scores may not play a significant factor in many college admission decisions, they may have important weight in other decisions including scholarships, selective programs within a college or university like and Honor’s program or a Pharmacy program.  All colleges post profiles of their student applicants and include ranges for these standardized tests as well as other admission criterion.  This datum should be used as benchmarks for students as they consider their chances for college admission.

Activities outside the classroom continue to play an important role in the admission decision, particularly in smaller, liberal arts colleges and universities.  While involvement and leadership cannot be a substitute for academic success, certainly a student’s involvement outside the classroom can distinguish themselves from other candidates.  Part-time work (especially when assisting in paying tuition), interesting summer experiences and community service are also highly valued as out of the classroom experiences.  Recommendations from teachers are often required at more selective colleges and universities as well as smaller, private liberal arts colleges.  Most colleges will require a recommendation from the high school counselor.  It is important that students select a classroom teacher that is familiar with their academic ability and can speak to this candidly in their letter.  A teacher may request a resume to assist them in writing their letter.  Keep in mind that teacher’s may be writing several letters of recommendation and that a timeline to assist them is highly appreciated.

Essays are often required by many colleges as part of the application.  The essay is a chance for the student to personalize their application.  Cardinal Mooney’s senior English teachers have worked carefully to integrate the “essay” and the whole college application process into the curriculum.  The essay is a great way to demonstrate a student’s writing ability which is a key component of the college experience.  Make sure that an essay has been proof-read by another person before submitting it with the college application.

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