I have been playing soccer all my life and decided to join the soccer team at Cardinal Mooney High School. I play on the JV soccer team and it is a lot of fun. We have become close as a team since we started freshman year and have welcomed the freshmen this year. We practice everyday of the week together so we can perform better in all the games we play. We discuss how we performed in the games and do drills that help with our skills. The best part of practice was scrimmaging with each other. It really helped us with how we played in the game. My coaches have guided us throughout the season to do better, push us, and improve our sportsmanship. They have taught us not only about soccer and the game itself, but many valuable lesson we must keep with ourselves in our lives and amongst others. When we play in the games, we play as a team, not as individuals. Even though we only had 8 games this season, we did our best and tried our hardest. When we lost, we kept our heads up and carried on to the next game, where we tried even harder, and I really liked the tenacity of our team. Before games, we would always have a healthy team meal and discuss how we were going to do in the game. We would set up the starting players, where I would be set at defense. I enjoyed playing defense a lot because I liked to support and carry the team. Soccer has been great at Mooney since we as a team are a family and we always support each other. Lastly, I highly recommend that anyone should join because it is so much fun!