At Cardinal Mooney High School there are several very good sporting activities to participate in, one of which is track. Track is good for everyone; there are so many options of kinds of things to do. You can be involved with distance running, sprinting, weight throwing, pole-vaulting, and many more. The good thing about track is that there are no cuts. Therefore, if you are new, you may fit right in and start practicing and to see what you enjoy. Some of the favorite events to run are the open 400, which is a solo single lap around the track. Another energetic event is the 800-meter run. This is two laps around the track, as you compete with other schools. One of the most popular events is the 200 meter sprint, which is when runners run half of a lap, in an all out sprint. Many students who participate in track do sprinting over distance. There is practice every day of the week except for Fridays, since usually the meets are on Fridays. The sprinters are always staying on campus while running at practice, while distance runners travel off campus to the celery fields and Benderson Park. Track meets typically go for 4-6 hours; they start around 3:00 pm and end around 8 pm, depending on how many teams participate in the meet. We always have great talent and leadership on the team, everyone has great sportsmanship and overall the team is just great, fun, and, a memory-making experience.

Track at Cardinal Mooney High School