By Jared Romine

I have played football with Cardinal Mooney for two seasons now. I went in as a rising freshman and lifted weights under coach Drew Lascari. Coach Lascari was an amazing teacher. He taught me about all the different lifts, and the correct way to do them. He always told me and my friends when we were freshmen to do the weight we can do. You only get better if you are doing the lift. When we got mad about not being able to lift as much weight, he encouraged us to keep working on our own level.

As great as Coach Lascari was, the team had to undergo a recent change. Coach Lascari was offered a better opportunity at Rutgers, a division one college. This was of course a scary change, but luckily Cardinal Mooney already had a legendary head coach among us. Coach Paul Maechtle has had many years of experience as head coach at Southeast High School as their head coach, and even has their home field named after him. In his 41 years at Southeast, he won 5 state championships, won the team two titles, and won 283 games over his career. The team has taken the change very well and is continuing their efforts to have a great spring season. The weight room is where all the real work goes in. The cougars spend many hours after school to get where they need to be to be able to compete on the level they are on. Most people don’t know how much hard work is put into the weight room and outside on those long, hot days. It is important to have a coach who can keep you going and work you to your best ability, and I see that in Coach Lascari, and Coach Maechtle.