Computer Tech Club

The Computer Tech Club is an excellent club to go to for fun or technical support. We will fix computers if they are damaged or just won’t work. I am personally an officer of the club. The club is split into two different sections, based off interests. These splits; computer building and video games. I am part of the computer building section of the club.

As our name entails, we specialize in building, fixing computers, and teaching about computers. We go through the basics of creating and maintaining a computer. Our members bring in old components or parts lying around so we can reuse them. Right now, we are creating a high-end computer we plan to use it to show off the beauty of building a PC from scratch. We teach everything about components, how they work, which ones to get, and how to install them. We try to teach everything we know about computers. We strive to make you a computer expert!

The next section is video games. They spend the time; creating tournaments, competing, even win money. In fact, many of our members love to by Smash and compete almost every other meeting to see who the best is. Our members bring in their consoles, play on the projector, and generally have a good time. If you are interested in playing with some people and having fun then they are your guys. Both sections work together and help each other; a member can jump to each project, as they want. This can be in the form of troubleshooting consoles or what games to play during a meeting.

If you have any specific questions about computers, do not hesitate to ask! Many of us are happy to answer any of them and give you guidance with anything you need. We hope on seeing you drop on by and seeing the cool things, we do here!

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