SAT Guidance

Creating a Scholastic Aptitude Test or S.A.T. page on the CMHS website is important to me.Having such a resource would allow our  students to find help when preparing for a test and gain confidence in themselves by taking charge of their learning. My idea for the layout of the page is to have a variety of valuable resources. These include a listing of local SAT tutors, test dates, and even SAT prep classes that we can attend. Before I started preparing for the test as a junior at Cardinal Mooney, I felt very disorganized. I realized that I was going into the test unprepared. Once I discovered that I could prepare with the help of a tutor, I jumped right on it.

If Mooney is able to establish an SAT page through the Guidance Department, I am convinced that other students like me will be able to feel more organized and not scramble for help. Yes, some students take the SAT without having any help and score high. Can you imagine what would happen if they actually received tutoring?  Think how high their score could be!

The tutors I have found are legit because they take the Test in their free time. This experience truly qualifies them to advise others about it. I’ve learned that SAT tutors teach you how to look “outside the box” for clues of a correct answer. In the math section, for example,  you really don’t have time to break EVERY equation down. You have be quick.

You probably realize that if you want to pass any test, you need to study. When it comes to this important college planning test, there are tools and tutors to help your test scores. By starting with preparation and asking for help, this process can be easier. Although there is no magic involved in getting a great score on the SAT, your preparation can make a big difference .

Your best option by far is to prepare for this test. I look forward to the possibility of having a page devoted to SAT preparation on the Cougar website. The first part of being ready is to begin practicing as early as possible. The longer you wait to prepare, the more stress and pressure you will feel.The second part is to take advantage of all the resources Guidance, the College Board, and tutors can offer. You will be successful, if you are at all like me!