Do you know who Cardinal Edward Mooney is? Every year, students and faculty at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School dedicate one day to celebrate our school and how we became Cardinal Mooney High School. Our school is named after Edward Cardinal Mooney (1882-1958) from Mount Savage, Maryland. In 1909, Edward Mooney become an ordained priest in Cleveland. Ohio. Over the years, he was appointed to archbishop, then elevated to becoming a Cardinal in 1946. Unfortunately, a year before our school opened, Edward Cardinal Mooney passed away in Rome, Italy in the year 1958.  This year, Cardinal Mooney Day, or as the students say “Mooney Day”, is a half day of school celebrating our spiritual school community and legacy on  Friday, February 1st.  Students come to school wearing their Mooney Day shirts, made possible by local sponsors, and begin the day with an all school mass at 9:00 AM in the Selby Center. After mass, the rest of the day is full of fun activities and snacks.

In recent years, Cardinal Mooney Day has offered a wide variety of events. Mooney teams, clubs, and faculty made an all school “lip-dub challenge” of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ and our Cougar mascot. Students and the school community have participated in indoor and outdoor activities, as well. These have included Four square, kickball, a balloon toss, soccer, football, tug-a-war, and karaoke. New games are added based upon interest and popularity. The Student Government plans what will take place with the assistance of their advisors and the C.M.H.S. Administration. It is fun for all as the faculty are invited to challenge students in certain games.

Students will head to the football field after Liturgy for student, grade-level competition. At 11:00 AM, the areas designated for Mooney Day activities open!  Games will include volleyball, basketball, kickball, an open mic, and trivia. The Purple Belle Ice Cream truck will be parked by the practice fields for students to purchase milkshakes or ice cream. Students look forward to celebrating Mooney Day not just for the half day of school, but for the fun that comes with interacting with each grade and the reason we celebrate it.

~Shelby Morrow, Class of 2019

His Eminence Edward A. Cardinal Mooney 1882-1958