successful in high school


Becoming a student at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School can be both challenging and fun. I assure you that if you follow three steps you can be a successful student. Listening to helpful advice, having self-confidence, and working hard can enable you to succeed at anything.  As a current senior at CMHS,  I have figured out some easy “tips” which have contributed to my success in the nearly four years of my experience. The first tip is that you have to do your homework. Not only is this vital to your grade, it gives you practice in a specific subject. In a way, it “exercises your brain” on the subject which you are studying. The next tip, and possibly the most vital tip of being a successful student is: Go see teachers for help. Teachers at CMHS want you to succeed and they love when you stop by their classroom with a question you have! They are here to help, and it is imperative that you use their after school time towards your success.

Next, having confidence about school is another way you can be successful in high school. Self-confidence, in my opinion, is THE key to being successful in your class, with your homework, for tests, and for exams. With confidence in yourself that you are going to do well, even when doing so may require an extra effort, you will have success in everything you do. People can sense confidence in others even through the act of walking down the hallway. Remember, confidence IS key.

Finally, working hard towards your goal to be successful in high school is a vital and rewarding choice. If you work hard by trying your best at everything you do in school, it may actually become easier. For example, when you work hard to study for a test and you earn an ‘A’ because of your effort, you will feel good about yourself while achieving success.

High School is a time to learn and grow. I hope that these simple tips; to consult your teachers, build in your confidence, and strive to do your best in your academic subjects, lead you down the path of success at Cardinal Mooney. You can do this!