Miracle League of Manasota-in my opinion-is a well-thought idea, held up by individuals that want to grant dreams, and a wonderful group to join. Its members and volunteers fill every game with compassion and effort, and they have the ideals to let any-and every-person, no matter their disability, forget about their weaknesses and just play baseball. Welcome to Miracle League-my name is Christopher, and I will be explaining why I love being a part of this group so much.

I joined Miracle League roughly 2 years ago, and I have felt satisfied-not only about myself-but for the players themselves; the group has changed me as a person, making me more accepting towards those who are disabled and judged for simply suffering from an uncontrollable factor. My perceptive has been changed on these people-beforehand, I was afraid to approach them, due to my worry that I could somehow offend them; and due to the fact that they were different. I now know they are all loving people; they are caring and misunderstood. As one of my teachers stated, “They want to feel like the normal kids,” and I yearn to grant that wish.

Just seeing the smiles of the players as they participate to their heart’s content, the acceptance of the workers that uphold the organization and the certainty that disabled kids and adults can feel normal and appreciated warms my heart. It is relieving to see that there are people such as these that exist in this world, those who grant people’s dreams-though the dream of baseball may seem small, the effort to support someone in those circumstances screams the idea that they care and love as Jesus did.

Why do I love Miracle League? I love it because people with loving hearts, those who will put themselves out with people that they may deem strange or different, support it. Miracle League is an organization that gives anyone the simple dream to feel normal and play baseball.

Granting a Dream through Miracle League