By Jared Romine

An activity at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School that has been very beneficial to me mentally and physically is football. Football is a program you can join as a rising freshman. The summer leading into 9th grade starts off players weight lifting and doing some conditioning with the rest of the team, so by the time school starts you will have met a whole team of people who you have already met and built relationships with. Once school starts, you’ll be outside learning and practicing after school. It can be vigorous and hard work, but it helps to get you in shape, and teaches you discipline. The coaching at Cardinal Mooney has been very important to me being the best person I can be. The coaches not only push you to be better on the field, but they also make sure you are the best gentleman you can be. I learned all about respect, character, and being humble from football. Football is also a lot of fun for me. I really enjoy being on the field and getting better with my friends. Through football you will discover that when you do hard work with a certain group of people for months on end, you grow and build relationships with them. Once the season gets going, depending on your skill level, you will be on the field with the whole school cheering you on. From then on you do community events, work out, and keep learning about the plays you will use during games. Football is a huge commitment, and will be hard at times, but over the course of four years you will make friends in every class, build your relationships with friends, and learn life skills.


Football’s Effect