Distance Learning and Virtual Instruction Plan for Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School

​Distance Learning and Virtual Instruction Plan will begin for Cardinal Mooney on Tuesday, March 31st.


Our mission states:

Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School, a Christ-centered, college preparatory institution, prepares students to serve and lead by nurturing spiritual growth, cultivating the talents of all students, and challenging them to pursue academic excellence.

Our purpose is to provide a continuation of academic and spiritual growth and preparation through distance and virtual learning experiences. Even though our campus is currently closed, this growth and preparation will continue as we engage our students through experiences which fulfill our school’s mission. These learning experiences will provide opportunities to focus on important content, concepts and skills so that students will be ready to come back to campus seamlessly when school reopens. They will emphasize different interactions through our Learning Management System (LMS) CANVAS.

Academic Communication:

Our teachers will be facilitating various learning experiences through CANVAS. This platform is the one that our students and teachers have been using all year. In fact, this is our 4t​h ​school year using CANVAS to facilitate the different learning experiences in the classroom. Teachers and students have access to the following features in CANVAS in addition to what they may have used all year long.

*Chat Feature (CANVAS) – Allows for students to communicate to the whole group (students and teachers), common questions that they may have.

*Discussion Board (CANVAS) – Allows for a teacher to lead a virtual discussion on a particular topic. For example, a teacher can pose a discussion question(s) and the students will be asked to respond.

*Collaboration (CANVAS) – Allows students to collaborate on a project, assignment, etc. upon request by a teacher as a requirement.

*Conference (CANVAS) – Allows students and teachers to touch base verbally

*Other Conference Tools TBA

*Email – All students have been assigned a CMHS email and can communicate with a teacher directly through their email.

Learning Opportunities

To avoid potential conflicts from class to class, the following schedule has been created so that teachers can have interactions with their students. Teachers will provide details with types of interactions in their weekly plans which will be posted to CANVAS by 7:30 am on Monday of each week. These interactions are meant to work in conjunction with other eLearning experiences.


Monday / Wednesday Tuesday / Thursday
Period A 9-9:45 Period EFG 9-9:45
Period B 10-10:45 Period H 10-10:45
Period C 11-11:45 Period I 11-11:45
Period D 12-12:45  

Student Role​ (The eLearning plan is not optional and is mandatory.)

*Plan to participate in any activity scheduled by the teacher barring illness or other extenuating circumstance.

*Monitor email, CANVAS frequently (minimum 2-3 times per day)

*Commit a minimum of 30-60 minutes per day, per class

*Submit all assignments on or before the given due date as found on CANVAS. ​Assignments will be graded in accordance with each teacher’s classroom syllabus and will be reflected as part of the 2nd semester grades. All assignments and interactions will used to verify attendance as to comply with state standards.

*Adhere to the school’s Handbook, academic integrity and acceptable use policies.

*Ask for help if you need it. This can be done through email, CANVAS chat or during a live session.

*Conduct yourselves through all forms of communication with proper respect and etiquette for peers and the teacher. Students should maintain school appropriate dress during any live video conferencing (does not have to be the school uniform, just appropriate)

*Be flexible and ready to adapt if the need arises.

*Eat right and get daily exercise – it reduces stress and allows for you to better focus.

Parent Role​ (How you can support your student and the eLearning environment)

*Support your student’s continued spiritual growth and prayer life

*As much as possible, provide a distraction free environment in which your student can work.

*Establish a sense of routine in the house.

*Begin and conclude each day with a check-in. Check daily/weekly work. Assignments will count to verify attendance.

*Students are expected to attend all “live” sessions, participate in all class discussions, submit all assignments on time, and meet other requirements set forth by the teacher.

*If a student becomes ill and is unable to work through the materials for a given time period, the parent should report this to the grade level counselor.

*Be flexible and ready to adapt if the need arises

*Encourage your student to get daily exercise and to eat a healthy diet

*Contact the teacher or guidance counselor if necessary

Important Contact Information:

Ms. Naylor – [email protected] – Canvas, iPad and other technology related questions

Mrs. Will – ​[email protected]​ – 9t​h​ grade guidance counselor, mental, emotional and academic questions and concerns

Ms. Lewis – ​[email protected]​ – 10t​h​ and 11t​h​ grade counselor, mental, emotional and academic questions and concerns

Mrs. LaFemina – ​[email protected]​ – 12t​h​ grade counselor, college related questions, mental, emotional and academic questions and concerns

Mrs. Butor – [email protected] – Registrar – transcripts, 20-21 registration

Mr. Pollifrone – ​[email protected] – Dean of Curriculum – other academic related questions or concerns

Mr. Gates – ​[email protected]

Mr. Hopper – ​[email protected]

Links to resources that may help you and your student:

CMHS Naviance ​https://student.naviance.com/cardinalmooney

CMHS Website https://www.cmhs-sarasota.org/

CMHS Canvas https://cmhs.instructure.com/login/ldap

Parentsweb https://logins2.renweb.com/logins/ParentsWeb-Login.aspx

CMHS Canvas Guide https://www.cmhs-sarasota.org/1333-2/

Coping with Stress during an infectious disease outbreak https://store.samhsa.gov/product/coping-stress-during-infectious-disease-outbreaks

Talking to Children About COVID-19 – A Parent Resource