Spanish Club There are many amazing athletic and extra-curricular opportunities here at Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School. One of my favorite extra-curricular activities is the Spanish Club. As a current board member of the Club, I can testify that there are many fun things to do and learn about. A traditional Club meeting usually involves discussing Spanish culture, including holidays, customs, and food. In fact, there is often food available for the Club members at every meeting. This includes (but is not limited to): chips, salsa, queso, and guacamole. Members of the Spanish Club actually go out to dinner at authentic Mexican restaurants!

I would recommend joining the Spanish Club at Cardinal Mooney for many reasons. One would be that Club membership is a great way to make friends. Existing members welcome new members irrespective of what grade you may be in and whether or not you speak Spanish. The Club would love to have you join! Another reason I recommend this Club is it is a great way to learn about other cultures. In doing so you will expand your knowledge about the world around you.

Joining the Spanish Club is extremely easy and simple. All you have to do is show up to a meeting and sign in! Any questions you may have can be answered by anyone on the board or by Ms. Jewell, the Cardinal Mooney Spanish teacher who is the main advisor.

The Spanish Club is an excellent way to get involved in the school community, make friends, eat good food, and learn about a new culture… all the while having a great time! As a senior here at Mooney, out of all the clubs that I have been a part of the Spanish club has been my favorite. So please consider joining the club. You will not regret it!