Football is a huge part of Cardinal Mooney High School. As a senior this year, I wanted to get involved more with my school while managing to have fun with friends. One day my friend asked if I wanted to help her by becoming  a water girl for football. I liked the idea to see the games “up close” while helping to support the team. So, everyday after school during the football season my friend and I helped Assistant Athletic Trainer Steve to fill water containers for the players. We were able to offer help to Coach Steve whenever a player was injured, as well.

I enjoyed traveling to away games with the cheerleaders since I have many friends on the team. My favorite memories from away games were the bus rides to games when we would all be “goofy” and get pumped for a Cougars win. We were able to cheer on the boys just like regular fans would while still doing our jobs. Everyone treated us nicely and, most importantly, we felt like we were part of a family.  Although we did have some bad days when we lost, we did our best to cheer up the team. I believe that we did more than become water girls. We provided encouragement and support to the entire team.

I enjoyed being a water girl for football very much. In fact, I wish I would have done it my for my freshman, sophomore, and junior years. I highly recommend becoming a water girl or boy if you enjoy watching football and have a lot of extra time after school. If you are thinking of volunteering as a water girl or boy, talk to Head Coach Maechtle. He would love to have some new helpers since both my friend and me are graduating this year.

One final tip: If you decide to become a water girl or boy, clear your after school schedule and have patience. Like everyone else, the players have good and (occasional) bad days. Good luck, friends!