Girl's Basketball

Front Row- (left to right) Natalie Mercandante, Madison Smithers, Avery Beach, Emma Plumley, and Camryn Lees

Middle Row- (left to right) Samantha Alves, Jasmine Scurry, Lizzy Gasich, Kassidy Keffer, and Anna Nayder

Back Row- (left to right) Head coach Rico Antonio, Assistant Coach Rick Butor, and Assistant Coach Kayla Schumake 

Girl’s Basketball


11/17/18Preseason Classic vs. Northside ChristianAway - Palmetto12:00 PM31-25 W
11/20/18Lemon BayAway7:00 PM 60-48 L
11/27/18Tampa CatholicAway6:00 PM 66-35 L
11/30/18Berkeley PrepAway6:30 PM 55-32 W
12/4/18Out-of-DoorAway6:00 PM 42-37 L
12/6/18Clearwater Central CatholicAway6:00 PM 52-31 W
12/7/18Cypress Creek Home6:00 PM 58-27 W
12/11/18Sarasota Christian Home 6:00 PM 51-28 W
12/12/18ManateeHome6:00 PM 56-20 L
12/20/18SMA *Home6:00 PM RESCHEDULED 1/17
12/21/18PalmettoHome6:00 PM 44-32 W
1/4/2019Sarasota Christian Away 6:00 PM 45-35 W
1/9/2019St. Stephens Away 5:30 PM 37-33 W
1/11/2019Brooks DeBartolo Away 6:00 PM 55-20 L
1/16/2019Holy Names Away 6:00 PM 44-31 W
1/17/2019SMA *HOME6:00 PM38-27 W
1/19/2019Berkley Prep Home 12:00 PM
1/22/2019 Sarasota Military Academy Away 6:45 PM
1/25/2019Clearwater Central Catholic Home 6:00 PM
1/29/2019 Lemon Bay Home 6:00 PM
1/31/2019St. Stephens Home 7:00 PM
2/1/2019 Out-of-Door Home 6:00 PM
2/4/2019 Districts- Round 1Away - Berkeley PrepTBA