A Letter from Cardinal Mooney High School Guidance Office – Monday, March 30, 2019

Students and parents, please make sure that you are diligent in monitoring your emails and Canvas daily, as this will be our main avenue of communication in our eLearning environment.

In the remainder of this letter, you will see grade level guidance counselors referenced. Our guidance staff and their grade level responsibilities are as follows:

Nicole Will – Grade 9
Lori Lewis – Grades 10 & 11
Anna LaFemina – Grade 12

Mental/Emotional Wellness
The guidance department has missed all of you and hopes that you and your families are all well. We acknowledge that it may be difficult to emotionally and mentally navigate through our current situation. We understand that you may be missing the support which you have received this year; we want to reiterate that we are here to support you. We are happy to recommend any additional outside support services. Additionally, we have included the link to the Suncoast Cares COVID-19-Health and Safety Resources for Sarasota and Manatee Counties for your immediate use: https://211.gs-humanservices.org. We encourage you to continue with any personal support that you may already have in place. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Pollifrone, our Dean of Curriculum, or your grade level guidance counselor with any questions or concerns.

Guidance will continue to guide our students through the academic process as our students adjust to an eLearning environment. Teachers and guidance counselors will monitor student progress and will work with students, parents and teachers to work towards our common goal of student success. Please make sure you are checking Canvas, responding to teacher communications, and completing and submitting your work on time. Our guidance staff and teachers are here to support our students and parents through email, phone calls, or online conferencing. We can meet your needs and communicate through whichever virtual tool best works for you.

AP Testing
The Collegeboard has determined that they will adjust all required AP exams in response to the challenges that have stemmed from the COVID-19 outbreak. If they have not already, your AP teachers will notify you about the content changes and how to best prepare for your specific exam. The current plan is to offer AP test administration online, at home, in a 45 minute window. The Collegeboard will be providing us with an update in approximately one week. We will communicate any new information in a timely manner as we receive it.

To students that are allotted extended time on the AP exams: we are currently investigating what that process will look like given the aforementioned exam structure. Once we receive clarity from the Collegeboard about this, we will communicate that information to you.

Academic Planning for the 2020-2021 School Year

Our process of scheduling classes for next year was somewhat disrupted by our current circumstances. We have looked over the course requests of all students absent during our days of scheduling classes. If a student was absent, we will set their schedule, but we will reach out if there are any discrepancies with recommendations, credits, etc. Students may receive communication about their course selection so we can ensure schedules are appropriately selected.

Course Selection and the Appeal Process
This week, we will begin to reach out regarding the appeal process. Students only received an appeal form if their desired placement did not match the recommendation of the teacher. If the request has been approved, a guidance counselor will contact that student confirming his or her placement. If a placement was not approved, a guidance counselor will contact that student and provide him or her with a contract for placement or other scheduling options. It is important for students to follow up with guidance counselors once they send out appeal forms to their teachers. This only includes forms not previously sent out to students.

Once a student receives a course contract, it should be reviewed and signed by both the student and parent. The guidance office requests that students send the signed document to the student’s grade level counselor immediately so that guidance can place students in the appropriate class for the 2020-2021 school year. Please contact your designated counselor if you have any questions.


Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School’s Guidance Department