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Fall Season:

Winter Season:

      Coach Pat DelMedico


                  Track and Field 2017

Day  Date  Event  Site  Time 


Tri-Meet vs.ODA,St. Stephens                   


Feb.17 Calvary Invitational
Calvary 3:45


West Coast  Invitational St. Pete Lakewood


March 3
Booker Invitational


March 9
St. Stephens Invitational
St. Stephens


March 24
Out-of-Door Invitational
ODA 3:00


April 6
County Meet
Booker TBA


April 20 Districts St. Stephens


April 24-29 Regional Meet  TBA TBA


May 5 or 6
State Meet

Head Coach:  Patrick Pollifrone

Assistant Coaches: Christi McDonald, John Raleigh, Larry Restuccia, Lauren Cerda and Ben Farmer

2016-2017 Roster (Alphabetical Order):

Gavin Adams - 11th

Justin Alquist - 12th

Andrew Ambrose - 11th

Michael Barbier - 9th

Brian Bauer - 11th

Katie Beckman - 11th

Benedict Cendana - 9th

Patrick Cendana - 9th

Shaylee Crager - 11th

Jeremy Crist - 12th

Kolby Crist - 9th

Cassidy Darnell - 12th

Jackson Day - 10th

Cristela Delva - 10th

Adrianno DiLorenzo - 11th

Anthony DiMare - 12th

Ryan Ehrenfeld - 11th

Kristen France - 10th

Lauren France - 12th

Maura Gallic - 11th

Olivia Givens - 9th

Grant Gregory - 10th

Benjamin Hall - 10th

Grace Hare - 11th

Kieran Hart - 10th

Joseph Heagerty - 11th

Emma Hoffman - 9th

Liam Hudson - 12th

Kieran Human - 11th

Lauren Johnson - 10th

Jesus Linares - 11th

Blake Kennedy - 9th

Suart Lawrence - 12th

Sebastian Lescano - 11th

Andy Linares - 9th

Grace Lumpkin - 9th

Timothy Macri - 9th

Lemeko Mayes - 9th

Melanie Meegan - 11th

Brooke Mercurio - 11th

Grace Miller - 11th

Michael Moran - 12th

Emmanuel Moschini - 11th

Dillon O'Niell - 12th

Leila Parks - 9th

Julia Pireaux - 9th

Clarrie (Cece) Pierre - 11th

Jordan Post - 9th

Connor Powers - 9th

Madison Reyes - 11th

Sarafina Risselin - 11th

Claire Robinson - 9th

Troy Robinson - 11th

Natalie Roth - 12th

Adam Sage - 12th

Ryan Shay - 11th

Tristan Shipe - 10th

Jessica Skriball - 12th

Alec Stettler - 11th

Micheal Thayer - 9th

Isabella Thomson - 9th

Alexander Turner - 12th

Alyssa Turner - 11th

Franklin Valdez-Perez - 10th

Skylar Vargas - 9th

Kylee Weishaar - 12th

Tatum Wishaar - 11th

Max Wright - 11th

2016-2017 CMHS Track Team:




2017 Senior Graduates!


Top Left to Right: Dillon O'Neill, Liam Hudson, Jeremy Crist, Anthony DiMare, Stuart Lawrence, Michael Moran

Bottom Left to Right: Kylee Weishaar, Adam Sage, Justin Ahlquist, Cassidy Darnell, Natalie Roth, Lauren France

Current Season Highlights:

2/25:  Our Cougar Track Team competed this weekend and finished TOP 8 in several events: Natalie Roth, 4th place in Discus, Grace Hare, 8th in the 400; Katie Beckman 8th in Shotput; Jessie Skirball, 8th in Long Jump, 3rd place triple jump; CC Pierre, 5th place triple jump ;Jeremy Crist, 5th place 110 High Hurdles; Adriano Di Lorenzo, 2nd place 400, 6th place High Jump, and 8th place Long Jump; Boys 4x8, 4th place; Adam Sage, 5th place triple jump.

3/3: The Track team competed in the Booker Invitational  on Friday with 24 other schools.  We had 2 Cougars finish in the TOP 3 in their individual events…Adrianno Di Lorenzo finished 3rd in 400, and Natalie Roth was 3rd in Discus.

3/9:  The Track Team competed at St. Stephens last Thursday... Shaylee Crager took first in the pole vault; Jesse Skirball, Adrianno DiLorenzo, Natalie Roth, Alyssa Turner, Coby Crist, and Jeremy Crist all placed for the Cougars. The boy's 4x400 meter relay of Anthony Dimare, Adam Sage, Alex Turner, and Adrianno DiLorenzo cam within 3 seconds of breaking school record... a feat which they hope to accomplish later this season.

Last Season Highlights:

 This year, 14 boys and girls qualified to participate in the regional meet at  Calvary Christian on Thursday, April 28th. The qualifiers included, Natalie Roth, Tyler Ross, Shaylee Crager, Jeremy Crist, Adam Sage, Sebastian Lescano, Liam Hudson, Justin Ahlquist, Alyssa Turner, Melanie Meegan, Tatum Weishaar, Kristen France, Tristan Shipe, and Amanda Nolan. 


Results: Natalie Roth placed 13th for discus. Shaylee Crager placed 10th in pole vault. Tyler Ross placed 7th in the 3200m run. Jeremy Crist placed 7th in pole vault. Boys 4x8, Liam Hudsun, Justin Ahlquist, Sebastion Lescano, and Adam Sage, placed 8th.