Athletics at CMHS is an important part of our broader mission to develop young men and women into people of great character. Outstanding coaches and programs help students develop discipline, place others before self and handle both joy and disappointments with grace and a generous spirit. In a real way, then, athletics is best understood as “co-curricular” with our overall program at CMHS.

Over 75% of CMHS students participate in at least one sport in any given year and some may participate in more. By fielding 28 different teams in 14 sports, we encourage and invite our students to live a commitment to the development of the spirit, mind and body. We ask three fundamental things from our student athletes:

*First, to be good students. Keeping one’s passion for athletics in balance with one’s commitment to studies is critical. For this reason, student-athletes are held to same high standard in the classroom as every other student in our school.

*Second, to be committed to the team and his or her teammates. Athletics demands a very large commitment of time and energy. Athletes are expected to make all practices and games, work hard, take constructive criticism from their coaches, and put the team before individual statistics or success.

*Third, to represent their school, their team, their family and themselves with dignity and class befitting a school that professes to put the gospel of Jesus Christ before all else.

Sport Information:

Cardinal Mooney High School offers opportunities in the following sports:

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