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Cardinal Mooney Professional Network

Executive Summary:

Cardinal Mooney Professional Network will serve as the master directory of all Cardinal Mooney Alumni professionals and their immediate families who wish to participate in the program. The ultimate purpose of having a Cardinal Mooney Professional Network is to create a professional forum in which alumni can connect back to Cardinal Mooney on a professional level and further develop relationships through the network.

Having a directory of professionals online and in printed format will provide easy access to for anyone currently or formally associated with Cardinal Mooney to utilize the expertise of such businesses and professionals. There are currently over 150 different professional business categories that supply both products and services to our community on a local and national level. The Cardinal Mooney Professional Network will provide a convenient and cutting-edge way to access alumni professionals in their various fields of business. Simply put, people want to do business with people they trust, like, and have something in common with and the directory will fulfill this need in our community. Most Importantly the directly will influence more alumni to connect back to Cardinal Mooney which will ultimately promote Cardinal Mooney Activities, Fundraising, and Support.


To provide a complete resource of Cardinal Mooney alumni professionals and their businesses in a format that is easily accessible and organized. The Cardinal Mooney Professional Network will further develop relationships of the alumni and connect them back to Cardinal Mooney. Having a network of Business Professionals will serve our community by providing a referral source for a multitude of business needs in our area.

Organizational Growth Strategy:

There will be a “TAB”or “LINK” on the Cardinal Mooney Website along with a “Facebook” page that will effectively market the professionals and businesses of Cardinal Mooney Alumni. Along with an online presence there can be announcements in the “Now and Then” bulletin along with printed invitations of upcoming events. Volunteer Professionals can also be present at sporting and school events with a small registration and information table. Small events, “happy-hour or after-work” functions can be held as meeting place to recruit new Cardinal Mooney Alumni. Emails and Phone calls can go out to current members asking for referrals of additional Cardinal Mooney Alumni.

Requirements & Standards:

The Cardinal Mooney Professional Network is reserved for alumni and their immediately family members. Each professional will be required fill out an application including 2 business referrals and a $25 registration fee. There will be an option to fill out the application online and register online. It will be the responsibility of each member to complete their own online profile and add their picture and testimonials. The annual dues for being in the directory will be $100.00. This can be paid online and set up as an automatic draft. There will be a $35 discount if a potential member wants to pay 2 years in advance.

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A complete network consisting of hundreds of Cardinal Mooney professionals connecting and doing business together. Relationships growing as a result of connecting through the Cardinal Mooney Professional Network. The businesses of Cardinal Mooney Professionals expanding and becoming more profitable as a result of being part of a large family network. Cardinal Mooney Alumni wanting to get more involving in growth and support of our school through volunteer services and financial support.