2015-16 Tuition Information

Registration Fee: $500.00 PER YEAR, PER STUDENT

Registration fees cover:

  • Scheduling
  • Student Insurance
  • CARE Dues
  • Retreat Costs
  • Science, Drama & Music Supplies
  • Transcripts
  • Testing
  • Mailings (postage & supplies)
  • Athletic Transportation fees

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Tuition Management Systems

Tuition Information

2015-16  Tuition Rates:


$9,800.00 per student
Registered, actively supporting member of a Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Venice.
In order to qualify for this rate, your registration and active status will be verified with your parish. We are bound to abide by the decision of your stated parish.


$12,750.00 per student
Not registered or a non-active member of a Catholic parish in the Diocese of Venice

Tuition Management Systems (TMS):

Tuition Management Systems is the payment management company used for all tuition payments, via ACH or credit card payment to TMS. The annual fee for this service is $45.00 per family for the monthly plan, and $20.00 per family for the semi-annual plan.  All fees are waived for the annual plan if payment is received by July 15, 2015.

Payment Options:


(processed through TMS) July through May

One Child Affiliated $ 890.91/  Non-Affiliated $ 1,159.09
Two Children Affiliated $1,754.55/ Non-Affiliated $ 2290.91


(processed through TMS) July and December. 

One Child Affiliated $ 4,900.00/ Non-Affiliated $ 6,375.00
Two Children Affiliated $ 9,650.00/  Non-Affiliated $12,600.00


One Child Affiliated $ 9,800.00 / Non-Affiliated $12,750.00
Two Children Affiliated $19,300.00/ Non-Affiliated $25,200.00

Annual payments may be paid directly to Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School by check or credit card on or before July 15, 2015.  We accept VISA, Master Card, and Discover. If payment is not made by the July 15th due date, you will be required to complete a TMS Enrollment Form for automatic tuition withdrawals.