What People Are Saying…

Parent Testimonials:

CMHS is the best thing we ever did for our son. CMHS really cares about the student as a whole and prepares them for the next step in their lives. We are now sending our daughter there and can’t wait for another great 4 years.
Barb and Bill Bornstein
Cardinal Mooney has allowed my daughter to blossom! The schools size together with its values, standards, ethics and excellent academics gave us the best high school experience we could have asked for! There is also a very strong sense of community at Cardinal Mooney and we are proud to have been part of it!
Gunilla Imshaug

We are truly blessed to have been able to send our son Patrick, class of 2009, and our two daughters, Katie, class of 2010, and Anne, class of 2013, to Cardinal Mooney High School. Cardinal Mooney reinforces the faith and values we strive to instill in our children at home. The academic program prepares the students well for the rigors of further academic success, as we have witnessed with our two college-age students.

The focus at CMHS on service and the benefits gained through extracurricular activities, such as sportsmanship, working together, and friendships forged over the years that turn into lasting bonds, are important aspects of their high school experience that we also highly value. A unique benefit of attending CMHS is the close-knit, “we are family” unity Mooney students share even after leaving high school. Our children have come to appreciate this support system in times of adjustment and grief.

As we witness the transformation of our teenagers into young adults, we are gratified to know that the spiritual and academic formation they received at Cardinal Mooney High School will serve them well as they embrace the challenges that lie ahead.

Pat & Libby Redmond

Graduate Testimonials:

Cardinal Mooney High School helped me to grow as a person and prepare for whatever life brings me. I learned such beneficial information from my teachers while being surrounded in a positive, faith-filled environment. Attending Cardinal Mooney not only 1helped me to become more knowledgeable, but also helped me to build a stronger relationship with God.
Via Viteri Rollins College – Class of 2013 CMHS Class of 2009
Cardinal Mooney focuses on developing a well rounded student. Not only is a quality education important, but involvement in extra-curricular and the community is emphasized as well. I graduated with a second family and memories I will cherish forever.
Sarah Huffman Florida State University- Class of 2011 Hospitality Management CMHS Class of 2007
My experience at Cardinal Mooney is one I’ll never forget. By being a small, faith based community Mooney provided me with a close-knit family. Through their teaching, faith, and extra-curriculars I grew into the person I am today.
Sarah Huffman Florida State University- Class of 2011 Hospitality Management CMHS Class of 2007
Cardinal Mooney has always been more than a school to me. Having spent so much of my time around campus, it turns into another home. With my classes, sports, and even jobs centered around CMHS I found my friends and teachers became a second family. Of course I learned the usual course work of math, science, and history, but more importantly I learned about the kind of person I hope to become and how to reach the goals I set for myself. Even though I’ve graduated, I’ll always consider myself part of the CMHS family because of the impact my school had on shaping who I am.
Jamie Koepsel University of Notre Dame – Class of 2011 CMHS Class of 2007
The faith-based education I received at Cardinal Mooney helped enrich my high-school experience alongside the strong academic, community service, and athletic programs that are also offered. This well-rounded education helped my development while reinforcing the values that my parents had instilled in me.
Diana Kelly University of Florida Graduate 2008 Business Administration, Urban and Regional Planning CMHS Class of 2004
Cardinal Mooney provided me with an incredible foundation for higher education, a supportive community of like minded students, and most importantly a greater appreciation for my faith. The education and values I received at CMHS will continue to benefit me for my entire life, I am very grateful.
Monica Kelly Florida State University – Class 2013 Political Science CMHS Class of 2009
My experience at Cardinal Mooney High School, helped me to grow in my faith and taught me to cherish the values I have. The faculty and staff truly care about each and every student and want YOU to do be the best that you can be.
Annie Leibold University of Dayton – Class of 2013 Major: Intervention Specialist Minor: Communications CMHS Class of 2009
I transferred to Cardinal Mooney High School two weeks after school had started my freshman year, and I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. I have made some of my closest friends through CMHS, and the teachers there truly are there to see you succeed. Because it was a smaller school, I was able to build better relationships with my teachers, and the classroom setting was a better learning environment. Also, I gained the confidence to apply for leadership positions through Mooney, which in turn has carried on to my college career.
Kathleen Rosensweig University of Central Florida 2012 Marketing Major CMHS Class of 2008
My name is Craig Montgomery and I was blessed to have participated in all that Cardinal Mooney High School offers. I graduated in 2009 and as a result of the leadership and coaching staff (primarily the football program) I am playing Division 1 AA at Georgetown University. The emphasis on “Student Athlete” reinforced time management and organizational skills. The academic standards of Cardinal Mooney has prepared me for the high standards of a Georgetown education. Lastly, the Christian education aspect helps to develop the whole person prioritizing relationships.
Sincerely, Craig S. Montgomery Georgetown University Class of 2013 Cardinal Mooney Class of 2009
Cardinal Mooney High School academically, athletically, and socially prepared me for college. My teachers and coaches challenged me to reach my full potential as a student athlete and helped instilled good moral character in me that has helped me become the person I am today.
Scotty Barletta Johns Hopkins University 2013 Pre-Med Public Health Major Cardinal Mooney Class of 2009
My husband, Felix, and I are both Cardinal Mooney Alumni (Class of ’76) and choose Mooney for our son, Patrick ’11, because it encourages students to strive for excellence spiritually, academically, physically and socially. We’ve seen how Cardinal Mooney provides a high quality education in a Catholic environment and this combination allow the students to grow into well rounded scholars and citizens.
Meg Young Ferlise ’76